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Hearts like Cannons

David Ruffin:

Bill Withers:

Otis Redding:


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People need love

We are happy to announce we will be playing at the Gigs For Children of Gaza on February 6th in Vicar St. The event is organised by the Tuesdays Child charity who have been working amidst the fighting and terrible conditions in Gaza. Tuesday’s Child founder Orla Sheehan, who produced the all-star Tuesdays Child fundraising album last year, said: “We are devastated by the recent conflict in the Middle East and the slaughter of so many innocent children and young people. I visited the strip in September 2008 and have never witnessed a violation of human rights like Gaza. The injustices these forgotten children face are cruel beyond words. Their little lives were already so fragile and hanging on by a thread. They were suffering dreadfully, even before this invasion. Since 27th December, some of the children we were feeding have been killed; others have died slowly of starvation and dehydration. Hundreds of others are seriously injured, many are orphaned and have lost siblings and thousands have been left homeless. Some we cannot locate. No child in this conflict will be left unscarredThe greatest tragedy of all is that this war has the potential to make the world an unsafe place for many more children around the world.

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Just 4 Irish boys!

This is too funny and so surreal!?

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Liam Finn & Friends

Our amigo Liam Finn has a well known father,Neil, as we all know. Finn Snr. setup a collective of musicians for the charity Oxfam, to do some shows and release a live compilation of those gigs. It went under the name 7 Worlds Collide. Neil Finn rounded up the troops again in 2008,calling on Radiohead,Wilco,Johnny Marr and a few others…Here’s footage of Jeff Tweedy singing Fake Plastic Trees backed by members of Radiohead,Johnny Marr and Liam Finn!! 

If i only I knew this last time we saw him…

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Nialler9 has started 09 with the best `what to check out in 09`list i`ve seen. Each culprit as vital and exciting as the next. The new Grizzly Bear album is the most eagerly anticipated round the One Day way.

Get over there and bow down to the bigg dogg in Irish blogsville. His latest jukebox is full of amazing tunes too..

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2008 is gone, and its time to start anew…..well, sort off.  

We still have this bird, and the music on its back still has many a flight to take and many a ear to perch on. So,it has rested for the holidays and has dusted off its feathers in preparation for 2009.

Our first big news is that we will be going to Austin,TX for SXSWin March. Apparently, along with 19!! other Irish bands. We`re delighted to be going and will hopefully do a few shows while we`re there.

The last show we did in 08 in The Button Factory was most excellent. On the back of that we are really really looking forward to doing loads of  jigs this year. First up is Roisin Dubh, Galway on January 15th..All the Galway shows have been sweet. It is a Special Fantastical Strange Brew Special Thursday gig, so FREE IN!  FREE GIGS RULE DUDE!! A tour is likely in the not too distant future.

When you can`t see us*. The Hope & Dream of 2009 Villagers is bringing out a beatiful E.P in February,with a Irish tour stretched out over the month.

Believe the Hype. This is solid gold.

From his first ever gig, On A Sunlit Stage:


My other main tip/Hope & Dream for 2009 is Chad VanGaalen.


His album `Soft Airplane` is released early 09 on SubPop**. It is way too amazing not to get the critical acclaim and credit it deserves.

Chad VanGaalen – Phantom Anthills

Chad VanGaalen – Willow Tree

Chad VanGaalen – TMNT Mask


See you soon.


*Danny and Cormac are playing in Villagers!

**Chad VanGaalen has a clause in his SubPop contract saying that he doesn`t have to tour if he doesn`t want to. In this this day and age this is unheard of,and an extremely rare option considering its the only way a musician like Chad VanGaalen would make some money,or further his name. He is also a illustrator and animator,its all about art here. Nice to hear.

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